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Don Yoku 8" Dunny by Huck Gee



ホワック・ジーの ドン・ヨク・8インチ・ダニー 2005年 8 inch (200 mm) tall / edition size 2000 about this toy / この商品について http://goo.gl/CtmdVK Tomenosuke Home Page / ホームページ http://www.tomenosuke.com/ Tomenosuke Blog / ブログ http://tenshu53.exblog.jp/ Artist Home Page / 作者のサイト http://www.huckgee.com/ This online-shop can’t accept the credit card issued by foreign banks or companies. Please send the order form with all required information from the following link. The total amount with EMS shipping cost will be informed by e-mail later. Please pay that amount by PayPal. http://tomenosuke.com/order/syoten.html